Your Perfect Home

The Billionaires’ Home is a state of the art private hotel located on an island in Lagos, Nigeria, close to the homes of some of the wealthiest people in the city. The basic concept of this hotel is to give anyone who is willing to access the most beautiful things found in the homes of every billionaire in the world and further grant them access to the lifestyle of an extravagant billionaire but always at their own choices.

From interior décor with designs taken from various royal kingdoms to those taken from the homes of some of the most extravagant billionaires around the world, this guest home boast of services that will make anyone royal in nature. Admittance to this hotel is private and strictly by pre-bookings. The security is top notch and private security/escorts are available for those who want more either those visiting the country or those who want private security with no prior knowledge of who they are.

Here at the Billionaires’ Home, payments are strictly by cash and the identity of every guest is private to the core. The hotel admits a regulated number of high class guests. Maximum of 4 at a go EXCLUDING guests’ escorts and spouses which is expected to not exceed 15.